A Quinceañera or Quince is one of the most important days in a young latinas life. It is when she is recognized by her community as a girl who has come of age and will take on more adult roles and responsibilities. The occasion is as much about honoring the young woman as it is about upholding family and cultural traditions. Most Quinceañeras begin with a Mass, then move to a reception with a grand entrance, bountiful food, an elaborate cake, and lively dancing.

This rite of passage is unlike any other in that the Quinceañera gets to be a princess for a day. She is dressed in a lavish gown, adorned with a tiara and given her first pair of high heels –traditionally placed on her feet by her father. The Quinceañera is typically escorted by a royal court made up of Damas –her female friends or family, and Chambelanes –male family or friends. A choreographed dance with her Chambelanes is common at the reception and symbolizes her first public dance. Being honored as a young women, celebrated and upheld as a treasure by family and community makes this tradition especially wonderful and unique.

Since this custom of celebrating a 15th birthday is such a big deal, plans for the event can start up to a year in advance and families can save for years prior to the grand occasion. With all that planning to do, keeping organized and on top of your plans is essential. Tracking all your wishes for the big day is easy with GIft Hero. Add anything from anywhere. It’s that simple. You can even have a wish list just for shoes, tiaras, or dresses. Check out our sample Quinceañera list.

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