About Gift Hero

Gift Hero is a universal gift list management system and a gift inspiration experience to help gift givers discover, track, and gift any products and services from virtually any provider. It’s great for sharing wish lists among family members and friends — and simply with anyone, anywhere.

We knew gift giving could be a stressful, time consuming process. Receiving the wrong gift can be an awkward experience, a waste of time and money and an annoyance to return. For retailers, returns are costly and logistically messy. The use of gift wish lists removes many of these challenges, making gift giving efficient and rewarding.

Bam! Gift Hero was created to make gift giving and receiving more joyful, less agonizing, and to make heroes out of gift givers, and generate true gratefulness from gift recipients. We wanted to make the process of creating wish lists easy and fun.

List anything on a wish list in Gift Hero!

Gift Hero is versatile enough to list gifts…

  • as simple as a new food processor,
  • as grandiose as a new Tesla,
  • as unique as funds towards a trip to see the Northern Lights in Greenland,
  • as generous as a donation to a favorite charity, or
  • as practical as a student loan or credit card payment

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