Christmas Wish Lists for 2017:

25 Stores You Didn’t Know Offered Gift Wish Lists

Most everyone knows about Amazon’s Wish List feature, and of course, sites like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target offer wish list options for couples soon to be married or for gift ideas for birthdays or other celebrations. But wish lists aren’t limited to these big-name retailers and e-commerce giants. In fact, there are many stores that offer wish lists that most people don’t know about.

We’ve rounded up a selection of 25 little-known wish list options for your browsing (and gifting) pleasure below. We’re not trying to be biased, so we’ve grouped the options below by category — they’re not ranked or rated in any way. You’ll find a mix of stores of all kinds below, from beauty product retailers to leading apparel and accessories shops, outdoors stores, and much more, meaning there’s something for everyone (and a few of those one-size-fits-all stores, too).

After you take a look at the many stores that make wish lists possible on their sites and mobile apps, consider the ease of use of a centralized, cross-retailer wish list that stores all your gift ideas in one convenient place. No more navigating from site to site and spending hours comparing products across dozens of tabs — read on below to find out why it’s so useful (and simple) to aggregate all your must-haves in one place. But don’t forget to add your must-have items from the many amazing stores below.

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25 Stores You Didn’t Know Offered Wish Lists

Think your favorite retailer doesn’t have a wish list feature? Think again. Many stores are now offering wish list capabilities to take the hassle out of gift-giving. We’ve listed 25 of them below in various categories.

Bath & Beauty Stores

1. Bath & Body Works


Those who love luxurious body lotion, great-smelling body soap, and other bath and body luxuries will appreciate the ability to create a customized wish list at the popular Bath & Body Works retailer. Add your favorite scents of the season and plan ahead for spring and summer with scented hand soaps, candles, and more.



Love makeup, hair, and beauty? LUSH may just be your go-to store, and you can make it easy for friends and family to score the perfect gifts for you with a LUSH wish list. Select your perfect shades and go-to products to make any gift-giver’s journey a breeze.

3. Morphe


Beauty enthusiasts know that great makeup is all about the perfect brush, and that’s where Morphe comes in. Oh, but brushes aren’t all you’ll find at Morphe — the retailer offers a wide selection of cosmetics, gifts, tools of the makeup trade, and everything you need to perfect your look, day or night. Naturally, gift-givers who aren’t up to speed on the latest beauty trends and makeup techniques will have a hard time selecting the perfect tools, so you can give them a little help by creating a wish list.

Apparel & Accessories Stores

4. Brighton


From jewelry to handbags and all the accessories in-between, Brighton is your go-to shop for the latest stylish patterns and trends. Create a wish list to let your friends and family in on your unique style demands so you’re sure to get the gifts you want the most. With so many unique designs to choose from, you don’t even have to settle for just one.

5. Forever 21


Forever 21 is a favorite store among tweens, teens, and young women, but don’t let that scare you away, guys — there’s plenty of modern, stylish apparel to be found for you, too. These groups are typically among the most difficult to buy for, as they tend to be pretty picky about their personal style (hey, no judgement here), making a Forever 21 wish list a real life-saver for their loved ones.



For classic, timeless apparel, LOFT is the ideal store to find all the basic essentials plus stylish trends, accessories, and more. Plus, they offer maternity options, so a LOFT wish list might be just the solution to aid gift-givers in their shopping adventures if you’re expecting a new arrival in the near future.

7. New York & Company


New York & Company boasts the hottest styles from Eva Mendes, Gabrielle Union, and more. From denim to dresses and outerwear, New York & Company has you covered from head to toe, making it a great place to create a wish list for the holidays or any upcoming event.

8. The Tie Bar


Anyone who wears ties understands the importance of having the right tie for the occasion, and The Tie Bar is your source for expanding your impressive collection. But that’s not all — you can score stylish socks, pocket squares, shirts, and more here, too. Make it simpler for your loved ones to enhance your growing collection of classy ties and accessories with a wish list at The Tie Bar.

Outdoors Stores

9. Cabela’s


The store of all stores for all outdoors enthusiasts, a Cabela’s wish list is the perfect solution to help those non-outdoors-savvy friends and family members find the perfect gift to support your hunting or fishing expeditions, hiking trips, kayaking excursions, or whatever your favorite hobby to enjoy in the great outdoors.

10. Eastbay


Sneakers, athletic wear, stylish backpacks and accessories, and more await you at Eastbay. Create a wish list on your mobile device so your friends and family can help you stock up on that essential sports gear, workout gear, and whatever else you may need to lead your active lifestyle.

11. REI


REI’s motto is “a life outdoors is a life well-lived,” and their vast selection of products and gifts is sure to support any outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for outdoor gear for your next camping adventure or skiing excursion, you’ll find everything you need at REI. Create a wish list for any occasion so your friends and family can help you stock up on must-have gear.

Stores for Gamers & Tech Enthusiasts

12. GameStop


For the gamer, GameStop is heaven on earth. Here, you can score the latest gaming consoles and the hottest accessories, as well as all those sought-after titles you’ve been waiting for. Create a GameStop wish list so your friends and family can add to your growing collection without purchasing a game you already own — saving everyone the hassle of dealing with returns and exchanges.

13. ThinkGeek


Geeks unite at ThinkGeek, a leading retailer of all things for technophiles, geeks, and occasional monkeys, too. To make sure you’re getting the latest gadgets you’re wishing for this holiday season, create a ThinkGeek wish list to share with family and friends.

Stores for Collectors

14. Guitar Center


Whether you’re a collector or a casual guitar player, you know the value of having a trusted retailer you can turn to when it’s time to replace those strings, score some cool picks, or select your next collector’s item. From vintage to platinum, electric to acoustic, and all your quality sound needs, Guitar Center has you covered with a wish list option that makes it easy for gift-givers to find the perfect gift idea for any occasion.

15. Hallmark


Really, a greeting card store with a wish list? If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Hallmark store, you already know this retailer has much more to offer than just greeting cards. In fact, it’s often a go-to stop for people shopping for that one person they just can’t ever seem to find the perfect, heartfelt gift for. Whether you collect Disney gear or DC Comics, are a fan of Vera Bradley bags or Star Wars, Hallmark promises something for everyone.

Stores for Jewelry Lovers

16. Kay Jewelers


Ah, the plight of the man in search of the perfect jewelry for his significant other for an anniversary, engagement, or one of those just-because-I-love-you gifts, the Kay Jewelers wish list will take the stress out of jewelry-buying for anyone in search of the perfect gift for someone who loves fine jewelry.



The original collectible charm bracelet brand, PANDORA has captured hearts around the world. If you’re a collector of PANDORA charms or fine jewelry, you can make gift-giving easier on those you love by creating a wish list filled with all the charms and other accessories you’re hoping for.

Stores for Kids

18. Lakeshore Learning


Whether you’re an educator, a parent, or a mentor to young minds, the most perfect gift ideas for you are often the educational variety. Thankfully, Lakeshore Learning caters specifically to your needs with tons of options for the classroom, the home, and everything you might need to nurture young minds. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage kids to pick out some toys with real educational value for birthdays, the holidays, and other special events.

19. The LEGO Store


Know a kid who’s crazy for LEGOs? (Who doesn’t?) The LEGO Store’s wish list is your dream come true — kids will enjoy looking over all the incredible options and discovering the endless innovative ways to build fantastic creations with their favorite building blocks. Oh, and it’s useful for parents, too, who are trying to help grandmas, aunts, and uncles find the perfect gifts for their tots this holiday season.

Home Goods & Miscellaneous Stores

20. Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble is a book lover’s paradise. Users who have an account with can add all their must-read titles to make it easy for friends and family members to shop and fulfill their page-turning dreams.

21. The Container Store


The holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on all the supplies you’ll need to keep your New Year’s resolutions, and if “get more organized” is topping your list of goals for 2018, The Container Store is sure to be your go-to retailer. Create a wish list here to let your friends and family in on your aspirations to become more organized next year, and you’ll build in a little accountability to your goals while you’re at it.

22. Crate&Barrel


Crate&Barrel is an incredibly popular retailer offering high-end furnishings and décor. Often used for wedding registries, you can create a Crate&Barrel wish list for any purpose — birthday, holiday, graduation, housewarming party — you name it. The popular store has gift options for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list, too, from rugs and lighting, to tabletop and bar, outdoor, bed and bath, and more.

23. ModCloth


Hands-down, ModCloth is one of the hottest retailers of 2017. Offering a vast collection of unique apparel, shoes, accessories, and even home goods, ModCloth offers something to suit every personal taste and style. From the eclectic to the classic, ModCloth’s broad selection of choices may leave gift-givers feeling overwhelmed, but you can solve that dilemma with a wish list, of course.

24. Overstock


When you’re looking to score great home décor, furnishings, and more on the cheap, Overstock is where you want to go. They sell everything you need in home furnishings and apparel, accessories, and pretty much everything under the sun. And they do it all at a discount by selling “overstock” from the brands you love. Their wish lists feature allows you to create different lists for different events, share lists with friends, and just keep tabs on your must-haves.

25. The Paper Store


Don’t let the name fool you — The Paper Store has something for everyone, from apparel to handbags and wallets, toys and games, outdoor living, and so much more. The versatile options offered here make The Paper Store the ideal retailer for finding the perfect gifts for all those hard-to-buy-for people on your gift-giving list, and you can create your own wish list, too.

Why Create a Wish List?

Let’s face it: giving the perfect gift is hard! That’s why registries for weddings and baby showers are so popular; everyone wants to give you the gifts you really want and need, but it’s often impossible to select the precise patterns and styles a gift recipient wants most without having them tell you exactly what to buy. Rather than try to subtly fish for information in everyday conversations to try to uncover what your loved ones want and need most without making it obvious that you’re looking for ideas, those who maintain an ongoing wish list take the stress out of gift-giving.

Registries — and wish lists for any occasion — make it easy to do just that without actually going shopping with the person who wants to buy you a gift and pick out exactly what you want. While you could certainly do so (and some people do), you can give gift-givers the joy of selecting their own gifts for you with a personal touch out of pre-selected items that they’re sure you’re going to love, preserving that cherished element of surprise.

Of course, when you’re shopping for multiple people at a number of stores, it gets difficult to keep everything straight, so you may want to try our universal wish list app which lets you add items from stores around the web and organize them any way you want. You can check it out for free here.

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