Best Blogs for Moms:

What Stay at Home & Working Young Moms Should Be Reading

Young moms have a lot on their plates, especially if you are a first-time mom. Since you probably don’t have much time to read entire books on parenting, and you likely have questions spanning a slew of topics, reading blogs is a great way to find answers to your burning questions and read up on topics you’re interested in as you make your way through pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood.

Now that you have a new role in life as a mom, you don’t have time to scour the web in search of the blogs that are regularly updated, provide helpful information, or are entertaining to read when you need a good laugh. So, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and rounded up 50 of the best blogs you might be interested in as a young mom.

Written by moms for moms, these blogs cover everything from fashion and lifestyle to finances and inspiration. Some of our top blog picks have huge followings and have established themselves as top resources for moms, while others are fairly new and gaining popularity by the day because of their insightful posts. Our picks are listed below, categorized by topic, and alphabetized for easy reference.

Check out our best blog picks in the following categories:

Fashion/Lifestyle/Design Blogs

1. A Cup of Jo


With two sons, Joanna Goddard is the mom behind A Cup of Jo. Her blog is the culmination of a career as a writer, editor-in-chief, and blogger for others. Once a hobby blog, A Cup of Jo has grown to become one of the most popular fashion/lifestyle/design blogs today. Posts cover style, food, design, travel, relationships, and motherhood.

Three posts we like from A Cup of Jo:

2. Chronicles of a Young Mother


Vivienne is the young blogger writing Chronicles of a Young Mother. A Latina mother who is a social media, fashion, and beauty enthusiast, Vivienne is a college student pursuing a BA in journalism and mother to two young children. Her blog posts cover family life, parenting tips, and young mom life in addition to lifestyle and beauty and fashion topics.

Three posts we like from Chronicles of a Young Mother:

3. The Glow

Described as “an intimate and honest diary of motherhood,” The Glow includes stories of motherhood challenges and triumphs and a supportive community. The blog also covers design, parenting tips, and a raw look at motherhood. Co-founders Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart ensure the most intimate, inspiring journeys of motherhood make it into the stories they share in The Glow posts.

Three posts we like from The Glow:

4. The Hive


The Hive is for chic, multi-tasking moms who love style and design. Blog categories for this best blog for new moms include the Bump Diary, the Balancing Act, style, experts and advice, living, and beauty.

Three posts we like from The Hive:

5. La La Lovely


Trina McNeilly is an author and the mom of four behind La La Lovely, a blog that helps young moms find beauty in everything from styled spaces to broken places. La La Lovely is a lifestyle blog that touches on design and offers daily inspiration for busy moms.

Three posts we like from La La Lovely:

6. A Merry Mishap


Jennifer Hagler is a mother of two who has experience in art and design and blogs about design and lifestyle in A Merry Mishap posts. You will find examples of intriguing design, fashion, renovations, and DIY projects throughout the blog, and you’re likely to be inspired to use some ideas in your own life.

Three posts we like from A Merry Mishap:

7. Project Nursery


Project Nursery began when interior design lovers Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio decided to help parents find a vision, tools, and products for baby nurseries and kid-friendly decorating projects. Project Nursery has millions of design-conscious followers and is perfect for young moms looking for inspiration.

Three posts we like from Project Nursery:

8. Rip + Tan


Young designer and mother Jenni Kayne is known for her all-encompassing lifestyle, soulful approach, and warm, inviting minimalism in apparel, entertaining, travel, and food. She shares stories of her experiences and those of her creative friends and family in her lifestyle blog she named for her children, Rip and Tan.

Three posts we like from Rip + Tan:

9. Rockin’Mama


Caryn Bailey is a storytelling mom “whose passions include health, fitness, and all things green.” She has two children, is a NICU nurse, and has extensive writing and speaking experience. Rockin’ Mama is ideal for young moms who want to read more about food, crafts and DIY, entertainment, travel, and more from a mom who understands just how hard, yet rewarding motherhood is.

Three posts we like from Rockin’Mama:

10. Romy & The Bunnies


Romy & The Bunnies is a blog for new and expectant mothers. A blog that serves as a source of inspiration for new moms, the blog also shares stories of motherhood with sprinklings of style, beauty, and joy. To that end, Romy & The Bunnies categories include style, well-being, travel, features, and interviews.

Three posts we like from Romy & The Bunnies:

11. Unruly Things


Alyson Brown is a mom to little boys and the blogger behind Unruly Things. A graphic designer, Alyson shares ideas, fashion finds, photography, design, and inspiration from everyday life in her blog posts.

Three posts we like from Unruly Things:

Finance Blogs

12. The Budget Mom


The Budget Mom is a blog featuring Accredited Financial Counselor, Kumiko Ehrmantraut, helping women live on a real budget. Kumiko’s mission is to help moms love life on a realistic budget you can afford. Posts offer tips for easy money management, living frugally, and DIY solutions.

Three posts we like from The Budget Mom:

13. The Centsible Life


Kelly Whalen is a writer, self-described “finance nerd,” mom of four, and Centsible Life blogger. The blog aims to help women live better lives in terms of happiness, health, and wealth by focusing on what truly matters and using sound financial advice. Blog topics include money management, budget beauty and fashion, living on less, inexpensive crafts, shopping tips and guides, money-saving meal plans and recipes, inexpensive home makeovers, and frugal family fun.

Three posts we like from The Centsible Life:

14. Family Balance Sheet


Kristia Ludwick writes about cooking, traveling, and family finances at the Family Balance Sheet. A mom of two and self-employed small business owner, Kristia used to manage millions of dollars for a large corporation. Now, she understands how to live well on less and create a happy, busy life; thus, she shares personal finance tips, money management advice, family finance information, and frugal living suggestions on the blog.

Three posts we like from Family Balance Sheet:

15. Fiscally Chic


Cathy Derus is a certified public accountant (CPA) and mom who blogs about living simply, achieving your dreams, and having fun while sharing money tips, style ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. Her blog will help you save money without sacrificing your style, but it also will help young mothers determine priorities, cut out things that aren’t important, and live life to the fullest.

Three posts we like from Fiscally Chic:

16. The Frugal Girl


Kristen is the wife, mom, and “frugalista” behind The Frugal Girl. Her posts cover spending wisely, saving money with DIY projects, and living simply. Her goal is to help readers, especially young moms, learn to “cheerfully live on less.”

Three posts we like from The Frugal Girl:

17. Just Mommies: Family Finances


Just Mommies is a site all about parenting pregnancy, and trying to conceive. From message boards, to top stories, to tools, the site has information on any topic a young mom could need. We especially like the articles and posts relating to family finances; these posts cover family life from a monetary perspective and offer money-saving ideas.

Three posts we like from Just Mommies: Family Finances:

18. Living Well Spending Less


Ruth Soukup is a blogger, author, and product creator who started Living Well Spending Less in 2010 because her spending habits were putting her marriage at risk. She’s learned how to save money, stick to a budget, and enjoy life more now that she spends less, and her blog offers tips to help young moms avoid becoming overwhelmed and live simply.

Three posts we like from Living Well Spending Less:

19. Money Saving Mom


Founder of Money Saving Mom, Crystal Pine is a mom to three kids, author, and financially-savvy blogger who started pinching pennies from an early age. She has experience in keeping grocery and household products budgets to $35/week and is an expert in supermarket savings and bargain shopping. Readers will find frugal tips and posts about recipes, managing your money, home and family, blogging and business, and much more on Money Saving Mom.

Three posts we like from Money Saving Mom:

20. Penniless Parenting


Penniless Parenting is the blog of Penny Price, a mom of four who covers cooking, creating, baking, crafting, and parenting frugally. When Penny started the blog, she and her husband were nearly penniless; they adopted an extremely frugal lifestyle and cut back on expenses to make ends meet and build a savings account. They live in an area with a high cost of living on minimum wage, so Penny knows how to budget and shares those tips with readers in her posts.

Three posts we like from Penniless Parenting:

21. Penny Pinchin’ Mom


Mom of three, Tracie blogs about saving money, budgeting, making amazing recipes, parenting tips, getting out of debt, and more at Penny Pinchin’ Mom. Tracie has been on Good Morning America sharing her story of paying off $37,000 in debt in just over two years, and she seeks to help readers improve your family’s financial health like she has.

Three posts we like from Penny Pinchin’ Mom:

22. Sense to Save


Kacie, the blogger behind Sense to Save, enjoys saving money, spending better, and growing her bank account. She blogs about all of these topics and more, including being a mom of three, while throwing in common sense ways to save and grow your money as a young mom.

Three posts we like from Sense to Save:

Pregnancy and Parenting Blogs

23. The Bump


The Bump is a blog that empowers and affirms your maternal instincts and keeps you ahead of the curve. Young moms will find the latest pregnancy, parenting, and baby news in posts covering breastfeeding, books to read to your children, and more.

Three posts we like from The Bump:

24. Cherish 365


Jennifer Borget is a wife and mom of two who encourages readers of her blog to cherish every day. Jennifer married and started her family at a young age, and she has been finding joy in her journey daily ever since. Frequently throughout the week, she shares blog posts sharing her experiences as a millennial mom and matriarch of a multiracial family.

Three posts we like from Cherish 365:

25. Fearless Formula Feeder


Suzanne Barston is the author of Bottled Up: How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn’t and a health and science writer who shares her own struggles with breastfeeding her son and deciding to become a formula feeding mom. Suzanne was frustrated at the lack of information available for formula feeding parents, so she started researching and writing about it in Fearless Formula Feeder blog posts.

Three posts we like from Fearless Formula Feeder:

26. Fit Pregnancy


Fit Pregnancy is a trusted source of information for pregnant women and new mothers. The blog guides women through becoming a mom and provides news, workouts, style and shopping coverage, and support to readers who want to take care of themselves and their baby and feel confident as a new mom.

Three posts we like from Fit Pregnancy:

27. Lucie’s List


Lucie’s List is a survival guide for new parents. The founder of Lucie’s List, Meg Collins is the mom of two girls. She admits that she had no clue about what she needed when she got pregnant or what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and infancy. Meg also had a “miserable pregnancy” and difficult postpartum period, so she strives to tell the secrets that nobody told her when her journey to motherhood began in her blog posts.

Three posts we like from Lucie’s List:


@momdotme is a go-to source for modern moms looking for parenting news, conversation, and lifestyle and beauty tips. The blog is a safe space for all moms, especially those who are not perfect, and addresses readers as moms and as women.

Three posts we like from

29. Momma Society


Momma Society provides a community for modern moms and soon-to-be moms. The blog provides pregnancy and parenting tips, information, inspiration, and the joys of motherhood.

Three posts we like from Momma Society:

30. Nesting Story


Joanna Venditti is a mom of four, including twins, who blogs at Nesting Story. She began sharing her journey on the blog in the hopes of connecting with other moms and creating a supportive community. Nesting Story blog posts cover daily life as a parent, body image, fashion, wellness, parenting, and lifestyle topics.

Three posts we like from Nesting Story:

31. News Moms Need


The March of Dimes is on a mission to improve babies’ health by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. The organization created News Moms Need to provide moms with information to help them have healthy pregnancy. The blog covers pre-pregnancy and prenatal care, pregnancy complications, premature birth, caring for babies with special needs, and other topics that affect young moms and babies.

Three posts we like from News Moms Need:

32. Pregnancy & Newborn


Pregnancy & Newborn is the top monthly magazine for new and expectant moms. Articles read like girlfriend-to-girlfriend conversations on everything related to pregnancy and baby. Blog categories include adventures in motherhood, birth day, a Dad’s eye view, knocked up, and special delivery.

Three posts we like from Pregnancy & Newborn:

33. Pregnant Chicken


Pregnant Chicken is a blog “pecking away at the myths of pregnancy and keeping it sunny side up.” Amy Morrison is the blogger behind Pregnant Chicken, and she started writing with the intention of helping pregnant women and new parents navigate parenthood. The blog covers a slew of topics including baby, being prepared, birth, checklists, gear, motherhood, sleep, and more.

Three posts we like from Pregnant Chicken:

34. Scary Mommy


Scary Mommy is one of the most popular sites for pregnancy advice and parenting tips online today. Started by Jill Smokler in 2008, Scary Mommy has become an unbelievably large community of parents who believe parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Posts cover pregnancy, kids, living, news, beauty, and more.

Three posts we like from Scary Mommy:

35. The Young Mommy Life


Tara Jefferson is the young mommy behind the blog of the same name. She is “wildly passionate about supporting young mothers” and realistically portrays young motherhood and everything that it entails in her posts. The Young Mommy Life has readers from around the globe and now is a global community empowering young mothers to live life to the fullest.

Three posts we like from The Young Mommy Life:

Blogs for Single Moms

36. Epic Mommy Adventures


Natasha is a single, working mother of a toddler son. She blogs about figuring out how to navigate parenthood as a single mom at Epic Mommy Adventures. Her posts are encouraging and filled with advice to help young moms through all the ups and downs of single parenthood.

Three posts we like from Epic Mommy Adventures:

37. The Middle Cinnamon Roll


Trina Dye is a mom blogger and punishment-free parenting advocate who founded The Middle Cinnamon Roll. An advocate for positive parenting, Trina shares advice and tips for readers to “be the parent you wish you had.”

Three posts we like from The Middle Cinnamon Roll:

38. Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem


Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem is a blog chronicling a single mom’s life through it all as a mother and teacher. The blog is encouraging and covers several topics including motherhood, inspiration, and being a single mom, among others.

Three posts we like from Sass, Laughs, and Mayhem:

  • Traveling as a Single Mom
  • 39. Single Mother Ahoy


    Single mom and blogger Vicky Charles created Single Mother Ahoy, a parenting and lifestyle blog featuring useful information, tips, and advice for single moms. Vicky’s posts are inspiring yet honest and cover just about any topic that would be of interest to young moms.

    Three posts we like from Single Mother Ahoy:

    40. Single Mothers by Choice

    Jane Mattes wrote the book, Single Mothers by Choice, and founded Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) in 1981 after giving birth to her son in 1980. She meets and consults with women who are at various stages in the thinking, trying, and mothering process. SMC is a thriving community of members and features a blog dating back to 2010 that covers adoption, motherhood, single parenthood, and much more.

    Three posts we like from Single Mothers by Choice:

    41. The Successful Single Mom


    Honorée Corder is an executive coach, personal transformation expert, and author of The Successful Single Mom book series, along with a few other books. She was a single mom for nearly seven years and writes about her experience and offers advice for single moms who want to create a life they love in her blog posts that cover love, finances, inspiration, and more.

    Three posts we like from The Successful Single Mom:

    42. Three Boys and a Mom


    Rachel is a young, single mom of three boys who blogs about her “crazy, messy, and absolutely beautiful life” at Three Boys and a Mom. Her posts cover motherhood, divorce, and spirituality.

    Three posts we like from Three Boys and a Mom:

    43. WealthySingleMommy with Emma Johnson


    Emma Johnson is an award-winning business journalist, blogger, podcaster, and bestselling author of The Kickass Single Mom. She started the blog to help young, single moms build full lives and to provide a community, information, and inspiration for you. Her blog posts cover sex and relationships, money and business, and parenting.

    Three posts we like from WealthySingleMommy with Emma Johnson:

    Best Blogs for Support and Inspiration

    44. Enjoying the Small Things


    Author of Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, Kelle Hampton also blogs at Enjoying the Small Things. She shares a mix of family, hobbies, faith, parenting, crafts, style, books, photography, special needs, friends, connection, and messes in her posts, and she does it all to help moms accept who you are while following a path to become better.

    Three posts we like from Enjoying the Small Things:

    45. Jolly Mom


    Piera Jolly is a cookbook author and founder and editor of Jolly Mom. She blogs about living an inspired life and encourages readers to do the same via here posts, which cover crafts, household, kids, recipes, travel, and much more.

    Three posts we like from Jolly Mom:

    46. LetGrow



    Lenore Skenazy champions the free-range kids movement and is a popular speaker and blogger. She urges parents to give kids some unsupervised time and offers tips for doing so without worrying yourself to death in her posts, which have moved from Free-Range Kids to Let Grow.

    Three posts we like from Free-Range Kids:

    47. Life as Mama

    A group of moms comprise the team behind Life as Mama. They live all over the U.S. and contribute their experiences and insights in blog posts about pregnancy, kids, lifestyle, faith, and DIY to inspire other young moms to live their best life as mamas.

    Three posts we like from Life as Mama:

    48. Mamavation


    Leah Segedie is the founder of Mamavation, a healthy living blog that offers support and inspiration to young moms looking to prevent disease in your home. You’ll learn healthy living practices, learn more about the food supply, and understand issues impacting your family’s health when you start reading her blog posts, which cover food, health, household, activism, and beauty.

    Three posts we like from Mamavation:

    49. Momastery


    Glennon Doyle is the New York Times bestselling author of Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior. She also is the founder of Momastery, a community for people “who are tired of making life harder by pretending it isn’t hard.” She speaks about pain, love, and life, and she blogs about all of it as a woman and a mom.

    Three posts we like from Momastery:

    50. Small Notebook


    Rachel Meeks writes about simplifying the home and creating a welcoming, peaceful environment that makes focusing on family easier in her Small Notebook blog posts. A mom of two, Rachel offers tips to inspire and support young moms as you try to get organized, simplify, save money, and DIY your way to a better life.

    Three posts we like from Small Notebook:

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