Getting started

Q: Why use Gift Hero?

A: Many online retailers have wish lists, and that’s great, but with Gift Hero you can have EVERYTHING you want all in one place. Sharing a list with family and friends, especially the ones that are far away, makes gifting a breeze. Gift Hero is, after all The Best Wish List Ever™!

Q: What is a Gift Hero wish list?

A: Wish list, gift registry, gift list… however you think of it, a Gift Hero wish list is an online list of any item you’d like to receive. Some people like to use Gift Hero as tool to keep track of items they’d like to buy in the future. You can use it as your own personal year-round registry.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing, Gift Hero is totally free for our users and always will be.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: It’s simple. Start by clicking or tapping sign up and follow the prompts. We like to keep things easy, so we only ask for a little bit of your information to get started, you can add more to your profile later if you choose to.

Q: What types of occasions can I use GH for?

A: Any occasion you can think of! Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduation, summer travel, weddings, new babies, new pet, new boyfriend, new anything. You can make a list for a school fundraiser, a charity drive, or link a gift to a fund raising effort. The possibilities are endless.

Q: Can I use GH from my phone or tablet?

A: Heck yeah! You can even add gifts by texting us. Find out how.

Q: Do I have to sign up to use GH?

A: You do not have to sign up to view lists or purchase a friend’s gift. You can search for a friend by first name, last name, email address or username. You do need to sign up to mark an item as purchased or to create your own wish lists.

Q: What is Explore?

A: The Explore section of Gift Hero is a collection of wish lists made by our Experts. These lists are the best of the best in online gifts. This is a good place to go when you are stumped with what to gift that hard-to-buy-for certain someone. Or, if you need ideas on what to add to your own wish lists, you can follow the Experts whose interests sync with yours.

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Managing Wish Lists

Q: How do I create a wish list?

A: Simply click or tap on the create a wish list button, give your list a name, select public or private, and save. Then the fun begins… You can start adding gifts!

Q: How many wish lists can I have?

A: You can have as many lists as you’d like. The more the merrier!

Q: What's the difference between a public list and a private one?

A: A public list can be viewed by anyone, making it more likely for you to receive gifts. A private list is visible only to those with whom you share the link to your list.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: It's simple. Start by clicking or tapping "sign up" and follow the prompts. We like to keep things easy, so we only ask for a little bit of your information to get started, you can add more to your profile later if you choose to.

Q: Should I add a date to my wish list?

A: We say go for it! Adding a date in the edit section of your wish list is helpful if you’d like receive reminders that the event is approaching, we will let your Gift Hero friends know as well. And don’t worry, once that date passes, your list will remain as is. Choosing not to add a date will simply exclude you and your Gift Hero friends from receiving updates about the date approaching.

Q: I need to build a list for an organization, how do I do that?

A: You may add an organization to your personal profile and build a list for that group. Once an organization is added to your profile, the name of the organization will be searchable in the Find Friends section.

Q: What is Favorites?

A: Favorites is a list for all the gifts you have liked by clicking on the grey heart icon, turning it red. To share or view the item, you must move it to one of your wish lists. The dropdown menu below the item makes adding it to any of your lists a cinch.

Q: What is Inbox?

A: Inbox is for all the items you have added by texting the link to the gifts you want to Gift Hero. Register your mobile number. We have created this easy and fun way to add gifts while you are on the go, or just spending some quality time on your mobile device. Too many apps can be frustrating, now you have the power to simply copy the link of an item you like and text the link to us, saving any gift to your Inbox. We recommend distributing each of these gifts to other wish lists since items in your Inbox are visible only to you.

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Adding Gifts

Q: Can I add products from any site?

A: You bet! Add any item that can be found online. We’ve also made it possible for you to create a gift in case you want an item that does not have a specific weblink associated with it. For example: you may want your friends and family to know you’d like a babysitter, or a gift card to the local store that isn’t yet online.

Q: How do I add an item?

A: We like to make this part especially convenient, so there are a handful of ways to add a gift. First you need to create a wish list.


Click or tap Add a gift to this wish list, copy the web link or URL of a gift, and paste it into the box provided. Your gift’s information will appear and you can simply follow the prompts.


For an incredibly convenient way to add gifts, install our custom browser plugin button. When you are on a webpage with the gift you like, just click or tap the Gift Hero icon on your browser toolbar and follow the prompts. It’s kinda magic… you should try it!


You can save gifts by texting Gift Hero! Add your mobile number to your profile, and text away. When you shop on your phone and see something you like, just copy and paste the link to the body of a text message and send to our phone number. You’ll receive a confirmation text that the item has be saved to your Inbox. Don’t worry, we will never contact you aside from confirming your gift was saved.


Anytime you see something on the Gift Hero website that you like, click or tap the heart icon and that item will be saved to your list of Favorites (which is visible only to you). If you’d like to move the items to another list, just click or tap on the dropdown menu and choose the list you’d like that item to be placed in.


You can copy a gift from one wish list to another, even from other people wish lists… that's right, we’re encouraging your inner copycat. When you are viewing a gift’s details, there is a dropdown menu with the option to Add to my wish list when viewing someone else’s gift, or Copy to a wish list when viewing your own item. Any way you choose to add a gift is just fine by us!

Q: What is a browser plugin?

A: The Gift Hero browser plugin button is a super quick and easy way to add gifts when using your desktop computer. Our plugin is availble for Safari, Chrome, Explorer 11, and Firefox. Once installed, the plugin button will appear in your browser toolbar as a gift icon with an "H".

Then, when you are browsing a gift on any retailer’s site, simply click the Gift Hero button in your toolbar. (If you’re not signed into your Gift Hero account, you will be required to do so.) Like magic, the gift’s details will appear, just follow the prompts to save the item to your wish list. It’s as awesome and easy as that!

Q: There was a problem with the information that loaded when adding a gift, what do I do?

A: We are sorry to hear that. We are always working to improve the technology we use to grab a gift’s information, but sometimes there is a glitch. You can try again, or manually add the correct information to an item. Always feel free to contact us at and provide as much information as possible when communicating the issue you experienced. This will help us improve!

Q: How many gifts can I add?

A: Add as many gifts as you like, it’s entirely up to you!

Q: Can I ask for an item that doesn’t exist online?

A: You sure can! When you click or tap Add a gift to this wish list, there is an option to Create A Gift, just follow the prompts. You can even upload your own image.

Q: Can I add a gift card to my wish list?

A: Absolutely. With some websites you can add the link to the gift card and make a note of the dollar amount you are requesting in the Gift Details field.

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Sharing & Connecting

Q: How do I find someone or an organization on GH?

A: Go to the Find Friends page, where you can search for someone by first name, last name, username, email address, or by organization.

Q: How do I share a list?

A: When you are looking at a specific list, there is a Share button under the list title. Click or tap the share button to see all the options; You can share on Facebook, Twitter, send an Email with the link embedded, or choose Copy Link, copying it to your clipboard as a link to your list. Helpful tip: Choosing one of these options is the only way to share a private list.

Q: Can I just share one item?

A: Yes, indeed. There are two places where you can share a single gift:

  1. When you are looking at a list as a whole, each gift has an arrow icon and Share button in the bottom right corner.
  2. The second place is when you are viewing the gift’s information, the same arrow icon and Share button is at the bottom.

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, send an Email with the link embedded, or click or tap Copy Link, copying it to your clipboard as a link to your list. Helpful tip: Choosing one of these options if the only way to share a gift on a private list.

Q: How do I make sure others know an event is coming up?

A: We recommend adding a date to your wish list that corresponds with that event. This can be done in the Edit section of a wish list. Friends that follow you on Gift Hero will receive a notice 7 days and 1 day prior to the event. They may have opted out of receiving email reminders, so it’s always a good idea to share a link to your list on social media or by email.

Q: Can I share gifts or lists with people who aren’t on GH?

A: You can and you should! Share a list with anyone, even non—Gift Hero account holders can make a purchase on your behalf without having to sign up. However, they will not be able to mark that gift as purchased. For this reason, we do recommend that they sign up. It truly is the more the merrier on Gift Hero!

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Purchasing Gifts

Q: How do I purchase a gift from someone’s Gift Hero wish list?

A: When you view someone’s wish list and you choose a gift to purchase for them, simply click or tap on the item to view its information. You will see a new page with details on the gift and a green Buy button. When you click or tap the Buy button, a new tab will open to the website where that item is sold. At this point you will be outside of the Gift Hero website and all interactions and transactions will be with that retailer. When you do go back to the Gift Hero tab in your web browser, you will see a window asking Did you buy this item? with the option to select Yes or No. Keep reading if you have questions about what happens by choosing either option.

Q: What happens if I click or tap Yes when I purchase a gift?

A: That gift will be marked as purchased when anyone OTHER than the list owner views that item. The list owner will always have the option to see which gifts have been purchased on their behalf, but we do warn them with a spoiler alert. In addition to that gift being marked as purchased within the list, that gift will now appear in Purchased by you. That way you will always have a record of the items you have purchased from lists on Gift Hero.

Q: What happens if I click or tap No after purchasing a gift?

A: That gift will remain as an unpurchased item within its wish list, and you will not have a record on Gift Hero of making that purchase. Any exchange of funds on a 3rd party retailer site are not the responsibility of Gift Hero. We do recommend that you mark a gift as purchased so a duplicate purchase is not made by another person.

Q: How can I tell if a gift on my wish list has already been purchased?

A: You will not be notified when an gift has been purchased from your list. However, if you request a quantity of more than one of an item, you will be able to see how many have been purchased when viewing that gift. You do have the option to see what gifts have been purchased for you, but if you’ve got the willpower, you do not have to peek! Some of our users find the option to view gifts purchased for them especially helpful for writing thank you notes after an event. To avoid duplicate purchases, others who view your gifts will be able to see when a purchase has been made of any quantity.

Q: Is there a record of gifts I’ve purchased for others?

A: Yes, simply go to the Purchased by you page and you will see every purchase that you have confirmed through Gift Hero.

Q: Will the list owner be notified when I purchase something for them?

A: No, we like surprises way too much!

Q: Do I have to sign up to buy someone a gift from GH?

A: You do not. However, you will not be able to mark that gift as purchased. For this reason, we do recommend that you sign up so there are no duplicate purchases made of that gift.

Q: What if I have an issue with an item purchased from a list off of GH?

A: When you purchase any gift found on Gift Hero you are buying it directly from the retailer and any issue will have to be resolved with that retailer.

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Account Management

Q: Can children use GH?

A: Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult when using Gift Hero, as is the case with most websites according to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. We suggest that you create wish lists for your children under your own account, or you can create an account on their behalf and supervise any activity while they are on Gift Hero.

Q: Will GH work in any country?

A: Yes, that is why this is a universal wish list site, and the best one at that! The information that we provide on our site is in English only at this time, but gifts added from other languages will reflect those dialects, as well any information provided by the user.

Q: How do I manage my email subscriptions from GH?

A: You may change your Gift Hero email notifications in your profile.

Q: How do I delete my profile?

A: We are sorry to see you go! Please contact us at and we will take care of that for you as soon as possible.

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